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One of the most celebrated events of the year, Thanksgiving Day will be enjoyed by each one of us with a lot of happiness, love, and pleasure. Thanksgiving Day is prominently celebrated into two nations, the USA and Canada. Unlike Halloween and other popular festivals, Thanksgiving Day also known as the Federal Holiday is commemorated by each and every member of the family with utmost zeal and Fervor. Thus excitement and enthusiasm are at its peak to rejoice and relish this grand and auspicious event of Thanksgiving.

When is Thanksgiving Weekend 2019

As the days are approaching closer and nearer people of the United States and Canada as exciting to know When is Thanksgiving 2019 be celebrated. A huge number of people and citizens participate in Thanksgiving parade activities. Each and every year Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the last Thursday in the month of November.

Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving 2019

Thanksgiving 2019 Date

The entire nations observe Thanksgiving Day as an official holiday where all government institutions, public offices, and private schools, the business remains closed. The day is commemorated with various social and cultural organized by people and society to enjoy the moment wholeheartedly. Thanksgiving Day 2019 Date will be 28th November 2019, Thursday to bask into this grand event which is just a couple of months away.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving History & Origin

Thanksgiving History is derived from age-old history and traditions. It was during the 1600 era when the Pilgrims sailed to America from Holland to escape religious persecution. Later by the year 1620, they reached the Plymouth where they came across terrible winter conditions that took lives of around 46 pilgrims.

Later on, the conditions turned out to be favorable in the next year with the arrival of the good harvest season. So these favorable conditions made everyone happy, where the colonist decided to relish the moment with the celebratory feast. There were around 91 Indians who also participated in the activity. The feast was observed as the traditional English harvest festival which was continued for three long days.

Governor William Bradford sent four men fowling wild ducks and geese which was used by the name Turkey by the pilgrims for the wild now. Governing Council of Charlestown, Massachusetts on June 20, 1676, held a meeting to express thanks to the good harvest season by the community. It was a remarkable year where for the first time In October 1977 all the 13 colonies joined together to enjoy the Thanksgiving Celebration. President George Washington also declared Thanksgiving day as the National holiday in the year 1789 which also some opposition. Later President Thomas Jefferson decided to scoff the idea of having Thanksgiving Day. But with a lot of struggles and determination by writing letters to governors and presidents in the year 1863 President Lincoln finally declared Thanksgiving Day as the National Holiday to be observed on the Last Thursday of November every year.

Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving 2019

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